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As your organization grows, your document and information management requirement will be more demanding. Atrium Cubicle will make your job easier. It can store and retrieve massive amount of data in various formats effortlessly. Its graphical user interface makes even new users feel right at home managing their information need. So, if you want to simplify your life, Atrium Cubicle is an answer for you.

Cubicle is a powerful electronic filing system that will increase your organization's efficiency.

Cubicle lets you organize and search for your files through its easy-to-use graphical interface. The way Cubicle works simulates how we normally file and retrieve our documents, only in a faster and more efficient way. The stored documents can be easily shared among colleagues via printing, faxing, exporting, and e-mailing. Cubicle is an easy solution to improve your efficiency and return on investment.

Cubicle for the client-server platform

Cubicle for the web application platform


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Cubicle is our document management system.

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Streamline is our generic workflow framework.

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